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Newton’s Perch


The Time is Ripe

A Newton’s Perch today, makes the wild birds stay!

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The Time is Ripe

A Newton’s Perch today, makes the wild birds stay!

Made with 100% Organic Golden Safflower seed
Dimensions: approx.4.5 ” x 4.5″

Weight: approx. 1.0 lbs.

Weight 1.6 lbs
  1. M.T.

    Always a pleasure to see you. I love the creativity of the company and how you take time to explain your product.

  2. JoAnne

    Thanks so much for the quick shipping on my order. I received one of your feeders as a Christmas present. Both the birds and I loved it! So I had to have another one. Will definitely be ordering again – beautiful product!

  3. Connie Singer

    I hung Newton’s Perch in a birch tree just outside a window and love watching the birds and grabbing the camera to capture a cardinal feeding. Many birds feed there together. I did see a squirrel (we’re in MN so what are you going to do?!) swinging on it once so your string is very strong. Just purchased 2 more. Love Newton’s Perch in particular!

  4. Nancy S

    I just purchased the Apple (Newton’s Perch) last weekend at Ruttger’s Oktoberfest. My Chickadees haven’t been around for awhile and I love to watch them. Almost immediately after hanging my ornament of seed, my Chickadees appeared. Amazing, and they were there in big numbers. Five or six at a time, I laughed watching them argue over the perch to sit & eat. It was busy all day long, from a Woodpecker to a huge Blue Jay. They love it! My husband said, “Do you have the companies biz card, we will have to get more.”

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