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Golden Safflower was developed by scientists in the world’s largest safflower breeding program at Montana State University specifically for feeding wild song birds. It is 100% Organic and non-GMO.


What’s so great about Golden Safflower?

thinner outer hull

Golden Safflower features more of what wild birds need to stay healthy and energized over other wild bird seed.

Oil Content +15%
Protein +25%
Fat Content +30%

Squirrel Resistant Seedorganic-logo
Squirrel Resistant, Non-GMO, 100% Organic

If you are using Golden Safflower for the first time, be patient. The wild song birds may be attracted to it immediately or it may take up to a week or so for them to find it. Once they do, you will enjoy attracting the desirable colorful wild song birds. As an added benefit, blackbirds, grackles, starlings and squirrels don’t care for the seed and generally leave it alone.

Jules Loft Edible Garden Art is proudly hand made with 100% Golden Safflower wild song bird seed.